The Pure Via® Story
The "natural" category in foodservice is exploding, and more patrons are demanding healthier choices in their foods and beverages when they eat away-from-home. Stevia has been used as a natural sweetener for centuries by the Guarani people of South America. Only recently has stevia found its way to the US market as an all-natural alternative to sugar, – quickly becoming an important category for those consumers drawn to natural alternatives without all the calories.

Launching in 2009, the Pure Via® brand was one of the first to introduce "green" to the caddy. Sweetened with 97% Reb-A, Pure Via is the all-natural, zero-calorie alternative to sugar and other zero-calorie sweeteners. Pure Via has now expanded to include Pure Via® Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar and Stevia Blend, the unique blend combining turbinado sugar and the stevia plant extract to create a golden-brown all- natural sweetener. Both of these products are now "non‑GMO”.

Pure Via is the perfect, all-natural addition to existing coffee and tea programs.


The ingredients in Pure Via are produced without bioengineering. For more information about these ingredients and our natural standard, visit

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